Faith has a bad reputation these days: fanatics abuse it to conquer territory or for killing frenzies, wars are being waged in it‘s name. Societies use their faith to marginalize themselves, individuals are marked by the affiliation with their faith. But we all believe in something. Wether it is God, the family, traditional values, Bayern München or homeopathy. And actually, there‘s something very nice to it, this faith that can move mountains, can bring about community or at least give hope to one‘s life. satellit produktion is researching experiences with belief and collecting personal statements of faith. Which part does it play in the lives of people today? Which hopeful stories can be told? And can they explain, why the positive virtue of faith can so easily turn into something destructive?

This piece is made from the results of a thorough research into the topic and the documented dialogues with people of faith in the town of Memmingen. A very personal performance evolves, that tells the stories of different religious beliefs.

The Team

Performer: Miriam Haltmeier | Rudy Orlovius | Fridtjof Stolzenwald   

Director: Ana Zirner

Dramaturgy: Martina Missel

Choreography: David N. Russo

Stage and Costume: Cäcilia Verweyen

Lightdesign: Rainer Ludwig

Assistant Director: Greta Lindermuth

Assistand Stage: Seraina Keller

A production of Landestheater Schwaben in Memmingen.


Landestheater Schwaben | Theaterplatz 2 | D-87700 Memmingen

Sat 03.06.2017, 8pm // opening

Tue 06.06.2017, 8pm
Fri 09.06.2017, 8pm
Tue 13.06.2017, 8pm
Fri 16.06.2017, 8pm
Sun 18.06.2017, 8pm
Wed 21.06.2017, 8pm
Fri 23.06.2017, 8pm
Sun 25.06.2017, 8pm

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Fri 07.07.2017, 8:30pm

Sun 09.07.2017, 8:30pm

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