Salt & Bread

There are about 123.000 people currently living in Ulm. Whether they‘ve been there for generations or are new arrivals, whether happy of unhappy, young or old: they all make the society of this city. The identity of this society is significantly built through practicing tradition together. Rituals and customs serve as a wonderful gateway to understanding a society. They might seem strange at first, but traditional rituals usually provoke our curiosity. At a time when the AfG (german far-right party) is gaining grounds and in many cities people protest to „protect the cultur of the occident, we ask: What traditions actually make us who we are? How do they develop? And where can they be seen in Ulm today?

With in the festival „Baden-Württembergische Theatertage“ satellit produktion built a research-laborytory in the foyer of the Theater Ulm. For 10 days, satellit produktion, the actors, Ulm residents and the festival-audience researched local traditions together. Each day was dedicated to another tradition that is alive in Ulm. Ulm residents helpes us introduce their tradition and then we publicly experienced and celebrated it.

This research will serve as the base to create an new tradition from all the different cultures. satellit produktion intends to symbolically give this new and updated tradition back to the Ulm residents. The show opens on the 4th of November 2017,

The Team

With: Julia Baukus, Christel Mayer, Gunther Nickles, Christian Streit

Director: Ana Zirner

Dramaturge: Martina Missel

Choreography: David Russo

Stage and Costumes: Britta Lammers

Assistant: Karina Sieling

A Performance by satellit produktion. A project of Theater Ulm.